about us

– Our Mission –

To be the most reliable maritime link between the renewables industry and ship owners to fortify your business.


We are a family-owned business with ship-owner background. At Windjammer-Shipping Maritime Services, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem of land-based companies going offshore. Everyone is guessing. Service providers don’t know what ships to use, how to integrate them into their logistic chain, or even how to conclude an international BIMCO charter party at all. Ship owners don’t know where their target costumers are, how to reach them, or even what the real needs of the renewables industry are. 

Throughout the history of business, people use the competence of experts to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Windjammer-Shipping Maritime Services is to make offshore shipping economy more transparent to our renewables clients and the procedures and real needs of the renewables industry more transparent to the ship owners. Today our small family-owned business provides one of the most reliable maritime services in the renewables industry. We want our service to have a deep impact on the renewables market.

Cpt. Torben Hass

Master Mariner & Owner

years old
cups of coffee/ year
years @ sea
  • Family-Father (2 Children)
  • Owner of Windjammer-Shipping Maritime Services
  • Lecturer for Logistics, Economy, Shipping Law and Nautic 
  • Founder of the Windjammer-Shipping Project
  • Owner & Master of Coasters 
  • Author of nautical publications
  • Economist in Shipping and Marine Industry
  • Federal Examiner for all german yachting and maritime radio licenses
  • Maritime Surveyor
  • Master on Chemical Tankers, General Cargo Ships, Reefer Vessels, Passenger Ships and Tall Ships (Schooner & Barque)
  • Nautical Officer on Chemical Tankers and General Cargo Ships
  • Naval Officer on Fast Patrol Boats & STS GORCH FOCK
  • Conscript/ Able Body on board STS GORCH FOCK
  • Proud owner of a 5 meter long plywood sailing dinghy at the age of 13. Discovered the coastlines and islands of Germany and Denmark with this boat.  
  • Grown up in the tidal waters of Elbe estuary
  • Born in Hamburg 1974