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  • Project-Management
  • Logistic-Management
  • Vessel-Management
  • Ships-Management

Further information

Good maritime advices for a reasonable price.

We have a wide range of own experience and knowledge which we combine with a strong network of maritime experts. This ensures, that our advices given are reliable, solid and efficient.

We give sustainable maritime knowledge to professionals of other industries in order to strengthen their business.

Our latest consulting-projects include (without being limited to):

  • sea based (service) campaign with 1 OSV, 1 Floatel and 3 CTV
  • offshore bunkering concepts in the german bight
  • sea-based construction campaign with 1 landing craft, 2 tugboats, 2 sea-barges, 1 crane-barge and multiple workboats  
  • ship-management concept for event-passenger-ship (more than 600 Paxe) in european  tramp-business

Our services include the following without being limited to these points:

  • Preparation of offshore logistics procedures
  • Coordination of vessels mobilization/ demobilization
  • Coordination and management of all operational subjects, such as daily vessel operation plan, crew change plan etc. with Floatels, OSVs, CTVs
  • Alignment and planning, prioritising and coordination of vessel transfers according to Site Manager work plan
  • Assessment, evaluation of weather forecasts and/or real time data
  • Moderation of the team to define if and when operation shall take place
  • Support to Client’s Contract and Claim Management in tracking and recording vessel performance for the Floatels, CTVs and OSV
  • Inspection reports to Client’s Contract Manager detailing any issues that must be addressed
  • Track, manage and report project related KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) 
  • Review and approval of Floatel, OSV and CTV related documentation and procedures
    Participation in investigation of all vessel- and logistic-related near misses, incidents and accidents in order to propose actions to be taken to avoid recurrence
  • Perform surveys/compliance checks to see that Floatels, OSVs and CTVs complies the contractual obligations
  • Coordination with Client in regards to vessel management issues
    Reporting status and issues to Client’s management
  • Service a marine superintendant
  • On-/Offhire inspections and reports

Cpt. Torben Hass has a wide range of nautical experiences:  from chemical tankers and general cargo vessels to passenger and sail-training ships.

He still holds a valid Captain’s Certificate (Master stew-unlimited), even though he is focussing on the maritime services for his clients since quite a long time.

This is unique, because in order to keep his licence valid, he has to sail on seagoing vessels at least one year within every five years.

Therefore he is „for rent“:

If your vessel is in need of a master, i.e. as holiday or illness reliever, don’t hesitate to contact us – even on short notice!