Offshore Management

We plan and execute sea-based campaigns for the wind-offshore industry. Besides these big projects, we also realize small campaigns along the coast as sea-plane airports, marine constructions or mooring areas for yachts.

We coordinate vessel mobilization and/ or demobilization on charterer’s or owner’s behalf.

We integrate your sea-based campaign into your supply chain.

We develop offshore-logistic procedures and integrate them into client’s QM-/logistic-systems.

Additionally we offer cost-efficient solutions for express-delivery of troubleshooting spare parts or anything else needed quickly offshore on short notice.

We coordinate and manage all operational subjects, such as daily vessel operation plan, crew change plan etc. with Floatels, OSVs, CTVs or whatever vessel is in use.

Also alignment, planning, prioritising and coordination of vessel transfers according to Site Manager work plan is part of our service.

We assess and evaluate related weather forecasts and/or real time data.

We moderate the team to define if and when operation shall take place.We support to Client’s Contract and Claim Management in tracking and recording vessel performance for the Floatels, CTVs, OSV or any other vessel in use.

We write inspection reports to client’s contract manager detailing any issues that must be addressed.

We take care of your ship:

  • certificates
  • international ship management system
  • nautical inspection
  • technical inspection
  • class-related administration and organization
  • ship-yard supervision
  • etc.