Seabased Service Campaign Management/

Vessel- and Logistics-Managent

As Master Mariner I am an approved independent working Manager who approaches the Offshore-Industry from seaside. This makes me unique compare to my land-colleagues.

My services include the following without being limited to these points:

  • Preparation of offshore logistics procedures
  • Coordination of vessels mobilisation
  • Coordination and management of all operational subjects, such as daily vessel operation plan, crew change plan etc. with Floatels, OSVs, CTVs
  • Alignment and planning, prioritising and coordination of vessel transfers according to Site Manager work plan
  • Assessment, evaluation weather forecasts and/or real time data
  • Moderation of the team to define if and when operation shall take place
  • Support to Client’s Contract and Claim Management in tracking and recording vessel performance for the Floatels, CTVs and OSV
  • Inspection reports to Client’s Contract Manager detailing any issues that must be addressed
  • Track, manage and report project related KPI’s incl. bunkering operations
  • Review and approval of Floatel, OSV and CTV related documentation and procedures
  • Participation in investigation of all vessel- and logistic-related near misses, incidents and accidents in order to propose actions to be taken to avoid recurrence
  • Perform surveys/compliance checks to see that Floatels, OSVs and CTVs complies the contractual obligations
  • Coordination with Client in regards to vessel management issues
  • Reporting status and issues to Client’s management